Michael Sean Hansen


iOS developer, film geek, biological entity.

Boston, MA



August 2011

HipGeo was a social travel blogging and exploration app. I worked on the iPhone app along with one other team member.

HipGeo was featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, PCMag, ReadWriteWeb, TUAW, and GigaOM.

Yamaha WaterCraft

iTunes Link
March 2011

This is a universal iPad/iPhone app I built at Textopoly. It's the official showcase app for Yamaha WaterCraft.

The app contains features, specs, photos, and video for each model in Yamaha's lineup. The app also lets users subscribe to receive SMS alerts. The app won the 2011 Neptune Award for best mobile app.

Night Run

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September 2009

Night Run is a simple platformer game for iOS. It was a side project I did just to get my feet wet and explore the capabilities of the iPhone.

The game utilizes touch and accelerometer input, and is built with raw OpenGL ES.