Senior-level freelance developer based in Los Angeles, CA.




POPin is a social decision-making tool that helps teams answer questions quickly, with the goal of giving everyone a voice and getting the whole group invested in a project.

I spent roughly 70% of my time working on backend systems and the other 30% on the mobile clients. My role included systems/app architecture, project management, hiring, mentoring, and a lot of coding.


Actionable was an email client in development at RokketLaunch. It streamlines the user's inbox by intelligently "stacking" related messages, and integrates a social task-management feature into the email experience.

I focused mainly on custom UI, including an advanced email compose view with rich text formatting and interactive, inline "task" attachments.


PeeqPeeq was an iOS app for improving a user's experience with email newsletters and marketing offers. It let the user browse these messages in a visually-rich format while cleaning them out of the inbox. It also gave users the ability to search for deals from companies even if they weren't subscribed.

I worked on the universal iPhone/iPad app focusing on UI performance as well as custom components and transitions. PeeqPeeq was a "New & Noteworthy" app in the App Store, and was featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, and All Things Digital.


HipGeo was a blogging and social networking app for travel. Users could use the app to passively track their routes on trips while intelligently collecting photo, video, and text uploads into replayable "trips".

I worked on the iPhone app along with one other team member, with highlights including making the app fully usable offline, building custom maps UI, and optimizing performance. HipGeo was featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, PCMag, ReadWriteWeb, TUAW, and GigaOM.

Yamaha WaterCraft

The official app for Yamaha WaterCraft, which acted as a showcase including information and media for each model in their lineup.

I worked on the app solo, and built a custom carousel widget to add some flair to the experience of selecting a model. The app also lets users subscribe to receive SMS updates, integrating with a backend system I built in PHP. The app won the 2011 Neptune Award for best mobile app.